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General Tips Abou Business Visa To China

Original, signed passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity. Some might say that I or my boss started to business a long time ago, they never went to university, but they know better in business, does that mean those excellent doers in business cannot get work visa? Not necessarily, of course. You can invest here in China, start your own company or enterprise, and become the legal representative or shareholer, the application has its own favors over investors in China.

As air travel prices came down, the popularity of this great country has grown and demand for a tourist visa to china has increased a lot but there was still only one place to get the Chinese visa UK wide. This has further increased the waiting time and has put the pressure on officials to come up with an alternative solution. A different method for getting a visa for China was implemented.

After the frustration of applying on the official website, where it wouldn”t accept our photos (and I DO know what I”m doing), I found evisa4U. Sent of the forms with the same photos and visas processed and returned within 24 hours. Quite a relief. A great service. It doesn”t say much for what should have been a straight forward procedure using the official site. There have been lots of problems which explains the need and success of evisa4U. Good luck to them.

Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC: Letter from US based employer or sponsoring company, on company letterhead, which must introduce the applicant, indicate the applicant’s employment status/position held in the company, and clearly state the purpose of visit to China. The business letter must also indicate who will be financially responsible for the applicant, provide detailed contact information in host country, and specify the number of entries (single, double or multiple) and visa validity (3 month, 6 month, 1 year, etc) being requested.

For the international businessman, making a visit to China requiers lots of effort, especially for applying for a Chinese visa.The excellent news is that you could apply for a visa on arrival in Shenzhen. Normally, it takes about 10-quarter-hour. Shenzhen Visa on Arrival is good for business traveler and vacationer who would like to go to Shenzhen by Hong Kong for less than 5days. Usually, you must get hold of a visa before touring to China. However, there is some exception. Most nationalities of the following international locations can simply get a visa on arrival in Shenzhen, comparable to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Different nationals are arduous to get it if they have never been to Mainland, China.

A. Foreigners Employment Permit of the People’s Republic of China issued by Chinese government authorities for Human Resources and Social Security; if your intended work period is 90 days or less, you need to provide an Approval of Short-Term Employment for Foreigners Working in P.R. China. You must apply for your visa before the commencing work date indicated on the Approval and you will be allowed to work only within the period of time indicated in the Approval.

The Consulate of China requires a visa application be completed according to strict guidelines. Make sure your documentation is accurately prepared by making use of Document Preparation Service. After placing your order, you will receive an Application Kit which includes an optional form where you can provide simple answers. If you choose this service a Specialist will work with you to ensure the required documents are prepared according to government and consular requirements. Once your application form is complete, we will return it to you via a secure and encrypted email for your signature, keeping your personal information safe.

Note that the validity, duration of stay, and number of entries of the Chinese visa are decided at the discretion of consular officers according to related Chinese laws and regulations. The consular officers have the authority to refuse any applications inconsistent with Chinese laws and regulations, and are entitled to change or revoke any issued visas, without providing any explanation.Find more in http://www.shenzhenbusinessguide.com

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